Tuesday 29th October 2019

Why Spring Is the Time to Buy a House

Why Spring Is the Time to Buy a House

Spring is often the busiest time of the year in the property market with the most amount of homes listed, and the greatest number of houses sold. The sun is shining, the grass is green and it’s the perfect time to go looking at new houses. There are several reasons to consider buying a house in the sunshine of Spring.

Plenty of Houses to Choose From

While the colder winter months may bring about less competition and potentially lead to lower house prices, there is a distinct shortage of houses for sale on the market. Spring and Summer are the busiest periods in the property market with the most houses available to buy. Most sellers spend their winter getting their homes ready for viewing and sell in Spring. If you are looking for the best home, you can get it makes sense to shop around when you have the most to choose from.

Warm Weather

It may seem minor but being able to inspect houses on a bright, warm day is a lot easier to do than on a cold, cloudy morning. You don’t want hunting for your dream house to feel like a chore because you must walk around in the cold, looking at houses in spring and summer.

Good Timing

Looking for a house during Spring can also give you time to make a purchase and get settled into your new home just before the Christmas holidays hit. Any earlier and you must buy during winter when there are fewer houses on sale, any later and you risk having to buy a house during Christmas.

Spring is your time to shine when buying a house. Ultimately, when you should buy depends on you, but it is worth considering the benefits of buying in Spring.

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