Tuesday 25th April 2023

Financing your next holiday

Financing your next holiday

With the world open again after the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Australians are getting the travel bug and planning holidays overseas or in our own beautiful backyard.

Some people may have been able to put away savings with travel restricted during the COVID lockdown era and that will help them have funds for a holiday.

Other wannabe travellers are well prepared and adept at getting in early and booking flights and accommodation at discount prices.

Another option is to talk to a finance broker and perhaps secure a short-term loan to fund your holiday. Many lenders provide small loans for between 3 and 6 months at competitive rates. This is an alternative option to loading up your high-interest credit card while on holiday and then facing months of financial pain when you get home.

Holiday loans, also known as travel loans, are unsecured personal loans that allow you to use the funds to finance a holiday. It won’t matter if you are planning a quick and luxurious retreat, or a month’s long trek through multiple countries.

Because lenders care most about your ability to repay, rather than the type of holiday you want, a holiday loan can help you finance everything from flights, accommodation and even your spending money.

Holiday personal loans come as either term loans, personal lines of credit, or tailored travel loans.

Talk to a broker to find out ways to fund your next getaway without breaking the bank!