Thursday 20th May 2021

Before you buy a home, be sure to inspect it thoroughly

Before you buy a home, be sure to inspect it thoroughly

The moment you discover a house that might be a fit for your family, you’ll be tempted to move in right away. If it looks like the right place for you, why wait? You’re surely eager to begin your new life in your new home, and besides – the longer you put off the purchase, the more you risk another buyer swooping in and getting the house first.

Having said all of that, you’re probably sinking the lion’s share of your life savings into buying your home. This means that before you spend a dollar, you have to secure a professional inspection. Take a close look, and don’t rush it.

Making sure your home has real value

As you start to network with home loan brokers and seriously weigh your decision over your family’s next home, you want to choose a place that will have real, lasting value. According to Consumer Affairs Victoria, that value will be influenced by a number of factors including its location, size, age and architectural style.

The only way to assure yourself of the value of your home is to have capable building professionals who can verify key details that the layman can’t. Is it really conveniently located like you’re hoping it is? Does it have all the features you’re looking for? Does it have the structural integrity you’d expect from a home its age? There’s really no substitute for confirming all of the above in person.

Knowing what defects to look for

Small defects in a home are no problem. For example, if there’s a stain on a floor somewhere, you can simply clean it and move on. More serious issues with the structure of a home demand close attention, though.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet noted that such problems may include walls that are cracking, surfaces that are growing mold or floors that slope when they aren’t supposed to. Any of those might be symptoms of a larger problem that will only grow worse over time.

Reaching out to us when you’re ready

Once you’ve closely inspected your prospective home and decided it’s right for you, the next step is to contact us and work out all the details. No matter where you’re looking to buy, we can help you make a deal you’re comfortable with.