Thursday 23rd May 2019

Why young investors should take advantage of falling housing prices

Why young investors should take advantage of falling housing prices

The falling market can be both good and bad for homeowners
and first-time home buyers – while properties may lose value, lower prices make
it a cheaper and thus more desirable time to purchase a house or apartment.

If you are thinking about purchasing your first home, now is
the time to take advantage of the lower prices.

Low interest rates

With the housing market slightly down, low-interest rates are likely to be offered when you are applying for home loans, as reported by And when home loans have lower interest rates, homes are more affordable, leading to an increased demand in the housing market.

Fluctuations in the

The housing market in Australia changes all the time. And,
changes don’t just happen in one area – prices could be up in one city and down
in another. This means that when prices are low in the location you want, it’s
better to jump on those prices than to wait to see what the market does in the
coming months and years.

Because buying a home is a long-term investment, buying at a
low price is more important than buying during a good time for the overall
housing market. Property is likely to increase in value over a long period of
time, even if the housing market is dipping right now.

Population growth

The Australian Property Investor reported that the nation’s
population is growing by 1.5 per cent each year, and that on average over the
last 15 years it has increased by 305,000. Around 60 per cent of that increase
is attributed to immigration. Because numbers have been fairly steady in the
last two decades, it’s likely that the population will continue to see steady

Thus, while the demand for housing is not the only factor that affects the overall market, it is generally accepted that more demand for homes will boost the industry over time, as Macro Business points out.

If you’re currently considering buying your first home, it’s
a great time to buy with the current falling housing prices in Australia. Low
interest rates on home loans, fluctuations in the market that will likely end
up in an overall increase, and steady population growth are all good reasons to
start looking.

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