Monday 2nd December 2019

What Is a Family Guarantee Home Loan?

What Is a Family Guarantee Home Loan?

With house prices continuing to rise rapidly every year, it gets harder and harder to build up the deposit required for a home loan. One way of bypassing this is to apply for a family guarantee home loan or family pledge home loan. Family guarantee home loans are home loans that are secured against a family member’s house. There are many benefits to using a family guarantee but also a few potential problems but it’s an option worth considering if you don’t have the deposit.

The Benefits

Less of a deposit

Most home loans will require a 20% deposit upfront before you can be approved for the loan. With another house as security, you’ll be able to borrow more and won’t need to pay as large of a deposit as you normally would.

Don’t need to pay LMI

If you borrow more than 80% of the LVR then you would usually need to pay for lender’s mortgage insurance but with a family guarantee, this can be avoided. The family guarantee will increase your borrowing power and sometimes you can borrow 100% of the total property value and costs without LMI.

The Downsides

Putting Your Family’s Home at Risk

Putting up a family member’s home as security is always going to be a massive risk for you and your family. If you are considering a family guarantee home loan, you must consider all your options carefully by speaking to a mortgage broker.

Not Every Bank Offers Family Guarantees

Not every lender will offer you a family guarantee home loan which limits your options when considering one. This is another reason to talk to a mortgage broker so you’re aware of which lenders offer family guarantees for the best deals.

A family guarantee home loan is an option worth considering if you don’t have the deposit, but it is also an option that should be carefully considered due to the risk.

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